Saturday, November 15, 2008

On the Cheap Side

The previous entry sort of cracked me up. I just now noticed that right after cheap meals I had coq au vin. Coq au vin sounds very expensive but here is the breakdown:
chicken thighs (boneless) - if you dig around in the stack you can find a package for $3.50 or less
cheap, cheap bottle of wine - I grabbed the cheapest that I could find. that was really my criteria which was about $6
Mushrooms - $2.50
Bacon - this has definitely went up lately. There are some packages that are as much as $5 but some as little as $3.

Considering you can give two people two meals at least out of this, it's a nice treat when you've been eating a lot of the cheap meals but it still doesn't break the bank like excellent steak from Whole Foods.

Happy Eating.

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